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Hello Full Moon & Friends

A lot is happening in the sky lately, and the energy will be felt for days/weeks/ months to come. The current cosmic dynamics can feel like watching an episode of your favourite telenovela – intense and complicated . The July Full Moon in Aquarius is the most important full moon of 2018 as it also takes place on a full lunar eclipse, the longest one of this century. The combination Full Moon+ Full Lunar Eclipse + Mars & Mercury in retrograde can sound scary. Fear not, the World is not going to collapse. But your world is likely to change . Over the next few days/weeks, we may feel very impulsive. We may feel compelled to make drastic changes in our lives, from ending relationships to changing careers to even moving to another city! It is normal, as the Full Moon invites us to really reflect on what it is that we do not want in our lives anymore – be it people, habits or beliefs—and let it all go, for good . However, despite …

– Let the Pain Go

  Every event, person or situation that hurts us is here to teach us a lesson and to help us move forward in our lives Don’t run away from it . Acknowledge the pain. Allow it to be part of you. Allow it to teach you. Allow yourself to express it . You are ready to let it go You are ready to grow On the Side : Angus & Julia Stone – Draw your Swords

– Your Light

Do not be scared to step into your light. To shine at full power. You will always find people in the shadows who will try to turn it off. To take it away from you. The brighter you become, the more they will try. Until they get tired of it. Or until you shine so bright that you don’t even notice them anymore . So shine. Be the sun in somebody else’s night. You will make the world a warmer and brighter place ☀️💫 On the Side: Stevie Wonder – Sunny

– When the Heart Speaks

Listening to the heart. Shutting off the mind. Easier said than done, right? We’re often told to trust our brains, that following our hearts make us weak. To me, it is the opposite. It takes great courage to not only hear what your heart has to say to you, but even more to actively listen and start a conversation with it . Your heart does not protect itself against fear or build walls to keep others at bay. The mind does that. And it is very good at it, because we’ve trained it for so long . So, what happens when we open our heart and listen to what it has to say? We do things that seem crazy to others. We tell the person we love that we love them, even if we know they may not love us back. We quit (meaningless) jobs without a plan B, because we know we’re worth more than a paycheck and a rude boss. We pack everything up and go live in another continent, with only hope …

– Moving Past the Pain

. For a long time, I was scared of being hurt. So I did every thing I could to avoid it . I avoided getting too close to people. I avoided taking risks. I was playing it safe. Though I quickly realized that, in fact, I was not playing. I was not living. And that was hurting me way more than all the break ups and falls I had suffered from in the past . I learnt that pain is inevitable. And strangely enough, pain is what made me feel more alive. When I acknowledged my pain, it made me a better writer, a better painter. A better person, too. I could relate and connect with people more easily . Life is a magical experience, through which we learn so much. Getting hurt is part of it. But what matters is how we respond to the pain that life throws at us. Do we want to let it turn our heart into ice, or do we want to turn it into art? . I chose …

– All The Feels

. Are you, too, feeling like you’re about to explode and you don’t really understand why? Fear not, the answer is in the stars! (And the Moon…and the whole cosmos, actually!) . The energies are currently extremely powerful, between the last New Moon & Solar Eclipse and the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse coming up at the end of the month. So if you’re usually sensitive to the cosmic energies, it is normal to feel everything 100000x stronger right now . We’re intensely pushed to release everything that doesn’t belong in our lives anymore, to prepare us for the second half of this transformational year. And this purging journey is not meant to be particularly pretty. So be gentle with yourself. Do what feels right for you. Don’t feel bad or guilty if you have to cancel dinner plans or if you don’t want to speak with anybody. Sleep for 12 hours if your body needs it. Cry, scream, cry and repeat, if this is how you want to express your emotions. Listen to yourself, …

– Trust the Process

. How easy is it to let your worries go and just trust? Not so much, right? But, believe me, when you do, it will all make sense. . Every event that happens, every person that we meet, are here to make us stronger and to make our soul grow. We are here to learn. Our soul chose what it wanted to experience in this lifetime before incarnating here. Nothing that happens is random . Actually, nothing just “happens” to us. We all create it. 💫🙏 __ You can also follow me on @suryya_holistic and @suryyaholistic __   On the Side: Ella Fitzgerald – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

– I feel it Coming

Change is scary We think it is easier to hold on Hold on tight We think we can avoid it But It usually comes unannounced and like a tornado, can destroy everything All the certainties All the expectations It can destroy everything Everything but you . Change is unavoidable You may lose everything you’ve ever known Everything but yourself . You can choose to let go Accept to press the reset button Plant a new seed, and just watch it grow . One day at a time __ You can also follow me on @suryya_holistic and @suryyaholistic __ On the Side : Otis Redding – A change is Gonna Come

– Shine your Light

Do not be afraid of shining. Shine as bright as you can and on the way, you will become a catalyst for change. The candles that you light will then go on to help others shine in their own way . Embrace your singularities. Speak your unique voice. Express your own truth . Give yourself permission to shine and most importantly, allow others to shine with you. You will never take anyone’s power, nor will you lose any of yours . The room is always in need of light.   __ You can also follow me on @suryya_holistic and @suryyaholistic __   On the Side : Jennifer Warnes – Let the Sunshine In  

– Living in the Moment

I often struggled to understand how to live in the moment . My heart was always thinking about the past. Rewinding the tape over and over again. Dwelling on what could have been. Regretting . My head was always dreaming about the future. Imagining every possible scenario. Doubting before even trying. Freaking out. . Many headaches, many more heartbreaks. Until I changed my outlook on life . Instead of looking behind and blaming myself for my mistakes, I accepted them as powerful lessons. Instead of thinking forward and over planning my whole existence, I simply trusted that things would fall into place when they were meant to . Most importantly, I started to appreciate the present. To express gratitude for all the little things that would make me smile on a daily basis. For all the things that would make me uncomfortable, too. Every day is full of magic and of beautiful lessons, if only we remember to open our eyes and heart. . Yesterday is gone, tomorrow might never show up. Really, all we …