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– Paris before Dawn

. There’s something about Paris before dawn Binmen Night birds Lovers The first metros The first cafes Those who run Those who walk their dogs Those who can’t remember where they live Those who have no home The poet The drunk The broken-hearted . . . There’s something about Paris before dawn The hope to find answers His absence The silence The regrets The insomnia A chance to create a new reality Before the street lights go out Before the sun rises . . . There’s something about Paris before dawn The wind that slaps you in the face To remind you that you’re alive . . The promise of a new beginning The promise of a better tomorrow . Grenelle – Bir Hakeim, 24.12.17. 6 am . On the Side : Benjamin Biolay – La Superbe  Advertisements

– Enough

-The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself Steve Maraboli   ‘’Why can’t you be like all the girls your age?’’ he asked. ‘’Look at your cousin, she is doing normal stuff. Why can’t you be like her?’’ I was 13. My newly found passion for ballroom dancing didn’t please my father. He had a hard time understanding why I enjoyed spending all of my Saturday afternoons dancing with people who could be my grandparents. Sometimes I wondered whether I was making certain choices simply to piss him off. At least, that’s what he thought. Maybe he was right. I don’t know. Our relationship has always been complicated. I have always been quite different from the people my age, and that bothered him. He has  never missed an opportunity to remind me. I was never enough. Never good enough. Never funny enough. Never pretty enough. Despite my numerous attempts to please him, and be the perfect daughter, it was never enough. But he pretended. We pretended. We used to spend …