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– I feel it Coming

Change is scary We think it is easier to hold on Hold on tight We think we can avoid it But It usually comes unannounced and like a tornado, can destroy everything All the certainties All the expectations It can destroy everything Everything but you . Change is unavoidable You may lose everything you’ve ever known Everything but yourself . You can choose to let go Accept to press the reset button Plant a new seed, and just watch it grow . One day at a time __ You can also follow me on @suryya_holistic and @suryyaholistic __ On the Side : Otis Redding – A change is Gonna Come Advertisements

– Shine your Light

Do not be afraid of shining. Shine as bright as you can and on the way, you will become a catalyst for change. The candles that you light will then go on to help others shine in their own way . Embrace your singularities. Speak your unique voice. Express your own truth . Give yourself permission to shine and most importantly, allow others to shine with you. You will never take anyone’s power, nor will you lose any of yours . The room is always in need of light.   __ You can also follow me on @suryya_holistic and @suryyaholistic __   On the Side : Jennifer Warnes – Let the Sunshine In  

– Living in the Moment

I often struggled to understand how to live in the moment . My heart was always thinking about the past. Rewinding the tape over and over again. Dwelling on what could have been. Regretting . My head was always dreaming about the future. Imagining every possible scenario. Doubting before even trying. Freaking out. . Many headaches, many more heartbreaks. Until I changed my outlook on life . Instead of looking behind and blaming myself for my mistakes, I accepted them as powerful lessons. Instead of thinking forward and over planning my whole existence, I simply trusted that things would fall into place when they were meant to . Most importantly, I started to appreciate the present. To express gratitude for all the little things that would make me smile on a daily basis. For all the things that would make me uncomfortable, too. Every day is full of magic and of beautiful lessons, if only we remember to open our eyes and heart. . Yesterday is gone, tomorrow might never show up. Really, all we …

– Hello Darkness My Old Friend

  ” Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light “ . . It is ok to have a bad day. To feel lost on your path. To feel like you’re moving backwards. It is ok to just forget the world for a day or two. It is ok to put on the saddest song, lie on the bathroom floor, and cry. Cry because you thought you knew where you were going… and you are not so sure anymore. Cry because you feel lonely on your journey. It is ok to have one of those days, or two or maybe three. We’re only human. . What matters is to remember that we are not lost. We are not lonely. We are not moving backwards. Every single step is pushing us towards the right direction, even if we don’t always see it straight away. Every single person in our life, by their presence or absence, is bringing us closer to ourselves. When we feel loved …