From Paris, France.  North African & Middle Eastern roots.

I am a certified coach & positive psychology practitioner

I am also a (very intuitive) energy healer & artist

I lived in the UK, Italy, Spain, the US, Uganda, Kenya.

I graduated from the University of Leeds & LSE & Amani Institute.

I speak 4 1/2 languages.

As an eternal optimist, I always look at the bright side of things and love to laugh.

(Some say) I am quite funny and very much unconventional.

I’ve been gifted with a strong intuition and empathy – I will always read between your lines and silences, and offer a (virtual) shoulder to cry on whenever you need

I genuinely care about you and your success – I will always be your greatest cheerleader even, and especially, when you don’t believe in yourself

I enjoy telling stories through various means – I write, paint, perform.. speak (too much, sometimes)

I am wise beyond my years, love everything and everyone, and am NEVER happy with the status quo

I thrive in chaos and dislike structures very much

I am in love with red wine and cheese (as a french stereotype!).

I adore the Ocean, the Sun and the Moon

I live by the values of authenticity, positivity, love and freedom