Welcome to the journey of a 25- year old women in search of purpose and self-development.

My three interests in life — Create. Advise. Inspire.

Create innovative solutions to the most pressing issues of our time

Advise organisations and individuals on how to incorporate sustainability into their strategy and lives

Inspire young and not-so-young- people to take a leap and become the best version of themselves


From Paris, France. Algerian roots. Spent time in the UK, Italy, Spain, the US, Uganda, Kenya. University of Leeds & LSE Alum. Currently a Fellow in Social Innovation Management at the Amani Institute in Nairobi. Speaker of 5 1/2 languages. Old Soul. Eternal Lover. Changemaker. In love with red wine and cheese. Ballroom and Latin American dancer. Cannot live without music and being sarcastic. Very funny (sometimes).