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What makes me burn?


One of the key deliverables of the SIM programme is the social innovation project. We have to create an innovation for a pressing social problem. This innovation could be a brand new idea or it can be a solution to a problem the organisation we are currently working at faces. To complete this project, we have to follow the eight steps of the Amani Social Innovation Framework. The first one, ‘’burning’’ helps us answer this question: what social challenge or opportunity do you personally care a lot about? This could be a social problem or a missed opportunity in society; something that I care a lot about or makes me angry; something that connects with my values; something that I wish to act upon.


I have been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time, so I naturally chose to work on a new innovation. I have been waiting for so long, but when I had to frame the problem I wanted to solve, I got stuck. What makes me burn? What makes me excited? What makes me angry? Where can I add value? I thought the answers to these questions would come easily. They were on the tip of my tongue but I knew that again, I was going to have to do some inner work. Why was I on this journey? What is my moment of obligation? When did I decide that I wanted to be a changemaker? 

After much reflecting and freaking out about how big the problems I want to work on are, I managed to frame my burning. For the next four months, I will work tirelessly to provide a new solution against water scarcity in arid and semi-arid areas.

On the Side : France Gall – Resiste


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