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Looking Inside for Truth and Guidance

What I particularly like about the curriculum of the SIM programme is the space we are given to reflect on the reasons that prompted us to embark on this changemaking journey. Why do I want to create change? To find the answer to this question, one must look inside.

During our first inner journey class, we explored various concepts and framework that allowed us to reflect on this question; Jerry White’s alignment, fixed vs. growth mindset, mental models, personal values, etc.

The last concept is the one that resonated with me the most. I believe that knowing what values you stand for is a crucial, and probably most important step when you want to create change.

In order to figure these personal values out, we had to reflect on some of the major events in our lives, positive and negative. This exercise required to dig deeper than I thought I would have to do. So many emotions came to the surface, many of which I was not ready or willing to feel in a room full of people. What did the loss of somebody close take away from me? Why was I so unhappy in high school? These are only some of the questions I asked myself. It was the first time I reflected on them, simply because they bring back memories that belong to another time, and I do not enjoy going back there. But I realized that it was not about what I was enjoying anymore. I had to do the work. I could not stay on the surface. Not anymore. So I dug and I dug again. I dug deeper. It was not easy, but I did not sign up for a comfortable journey. This work was not all bad, it brought clarity to what was really important to me. I had found my values; courage, love, honesty, compassion and open mind.

I did the work, and rediscovered my own values; now what? What to do with this? How can I incorporate them into my work? I guess I must remember that these values are my guiding light. The one I can go back to when I lose myself, or lose track of the journey. When times get tough. And times will get tough. These values are part of me. These values are me, I am these values. My only duty is to let them shine through everything I do. Through everything I am. And that’s pretty exciting.

On the Side : Sarah Jaffe – Vulnerable 


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